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Foreign media: consumers are willing to drive more than 5,000 US dollars
Time£º2017-05-09 17:58:11 Source£ºUnknown The author£ºUnknown

According to the British "Daily Mail" website reported that a new survey results show that a draw for each car consumer is willing to use the automatic driving technology to spend more than $ 4900 car, in addition to consumers are willing to drive a car crash accident When it takes an extra $ 3,500 in spending.

It is noteworthy that some of the respondents in this survey showed a very different attitude. For example, some respondents said they were willing to drive more than $ 10,000 for autopilot cars, while others said they would not spend any extra expenses for autopilot technology.
It is pointed out that the above investigation or help decision makers and car manufacturers to plan ahead.
Now consumers can buy a car with automatic parking, lane maintenance and cruise control. Automatic driving technology is developing very fast, there are many companies have their own autopilot car was tested. For example, Google's own driving company Waymo, the company's autopilot car has been in extreme weather conditions to complete the 200 hours long test, which plans to achieve in 2017 vehicles on the public road.
The Tesla Model S and Model X models currently being manufactured are already pre-installed with new autopilot hardware.

Perhaps in the near future, the market will appear full automatic driving car, but the consumer in terms of their acceptance of this and how much?
A research team led by Dr. Ricardo Daziano from Cornell University in the United States reveals the extent to which car manufacturers and decision makers are confident in the practical use of autopilot cars.
Ricardo - Daczano said in an interview: "Personal traffic travel automatic technology real conversion speed faster than expected.In order to drive the development of automatic driving technology planning and analysis, decision makers and car manufacturers have It is necessary to have a full understanding of the whole market. ""
The research team used assumptions to predict the cost of the consumer's cost for autopilot. The research team asked 1260 people in the United States to investigate the problem of different prices and configuration of the hypothetical vehicle, the specific issues related to vehicle energy consumption (for electric vehicles) charging time and automatic navigation system.

The researchers have also developed such a model for this, the model reflects the result of consumer demand for automatic driving technology in the "high", "medium", "no demand" in the field of distribution are more average. Researchers say the model results underscore that the new automotive technology should have considerable and flexible selectivity.
"The forecast for automated traffic development is a very complex task that requires substantial human behavior and synthetic modeling of the understanding of technology development and possible business models," said Ricardo Daczano.
"On the one hand, I was attracted by the impact of the technological innovation and the economic model," he said, "and on the other hand, I do not like driving, so we look forward to the advent of an autopilot, To look at the development of the entire industry.