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BMW new 1 series official website upgrade iDrive operating system
Time£º2017-05-15 18:13:16 Source£ºUnknown The author£ºUnknown

Recently, the BMW official released the new 1 series of official plans. It is reported that this new facelift mainly for the appearance of detail, interior layout and multimedia operating system to upgrade. And, the new car will be officially listed in July overseas.

Appearance, the new car and cash models in the shape has not changed, but the new car launched three special edition models, namely Sport Line Shadow, M Sport Shadow, M140i Edition Shadow. Three models are named after Shadow (shadow), and use a black double kidney-shaped grille trim and black-style headlamps as well.

Interior, the new car to adjust the overall layout of the interior, the interior silver trim from the cash co-pilot position before the change to the middle air conditioning outlet position, and increased the black decoration, this change to the new center console Looks more stretch, in addition, the interior no other changes.

Configuration, the new car equipped with a new generation of iDrive operating system, and is equipped with a 8.8-inch touch screen, the operation more convenient. BMW ConnectedDrive service will provide users with information such as real-time traffic information, parking lot location, vehicle remote access services and other information. At the same time, the new car will also be equipped with wireless charging, car WI-FI and Apple CarPlay and other functions.

In terms of power, the new car will provide three-cylinder, four-cylinder and six-cylinder three petrol engines and three-cylinder and four-cylinder two diesel engine options, power parameters and cash consistent, while the new car will continue to provide xDrive four-wheel drive system optional. Transmission part, the new car with 8-speed automatic transmission.