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96 Nissan style ABS lights are often out of danger
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The car for the demeanor V62400 models, due to flooded the body 3/5, to be driven by the water after the following failure, anti-lock system (ABS) light is not lit.
    ABS system fault detection and troubleshooting
    Nissan car ABS computer is usually 35 angle, and the wind of the ABS computer is 55 angle, start the engine after the ABS fault light is always bright, so the first ignition key placed OFF position, the fuse box next to the self-diagnosis seat L point ground, Then the ignition key is ON, ABS fault light only bright no response.
    Routine inspection, first check whether there is oil spill, there is no broken line, the results did not find the place where oil spill disconnected.
    ABS sensor to check, with a multimeter resistance file were measured four sensor resistance, left front wheel resistance of 960Ω, right front wheel resistance of 990Ω, left rear wheel resistance of 1220Ω, right rear wheel resistance of 1130Ω, with the voltage measurement left Front wheel, hand turn left front wheel, two terminal output voltage 70mv. The sensor is removed to detect the sensor rust, and the sensor sensor head end of the iron, the sensor head end of the iron to deal with, re-installed, hand-turn left front wheel test output voltage of 236mv.
    Turn the right front wheel by hand to measure the output voltage at both ends of 102mv, the sensor is removed and the sensor is also rusted, and the sensor sensor head also has iron, the iron treatment, re-installed, hand rotation in the front wheel Both ends of the output voltage 260mv.
    Turn the left rear wheel and the right rear wheel by hand, and measure the voltage at both ends as 190mv and 201mv respectively. Remove the sensor and find that there is a small amount of iron and dirt in the sensor head, and turn the iron and dirt away. Rear and right rear wheels, the voltage is 298mv and 31Omv respectively.
    Then check the pump relay, pump motor, solenoid valve relay. The relay is removed with a multimeter to measure the resistance between the 85 and 86 terminals, 30 and 87 are not energized state is normally open, when the 85 and 86 power, 30 and 87 connected.
    With a multimeter measuring solenoid valve relay, 85-86 two-way, 87a and 30 when the power is not connected, 87 and 30 power on.
    With 12V power supply directly connected to the pump motor two-wire terminals, pump motor running well.
    (11) and yellow / black (2) line between the resistance of 106Ω, light green / red (6) and yellow (Figure 6) and yellow / black (2) line resistance between the 106Ω, light green / red (6) and yellow / Black (2) line between the resistance 8lΩ.
    (No. 7), green / red (5) white / brown (3), gray / red (No. 1), purple (17), green (16), Brown (15), gray (14). The resistance between the 8-terminal connector and the blue / red (10) line in the 5-terminal relay (51 pencils for the red pen and the red pen) is 517Ω, and the test leads are in reverse.
    With resistance 200Ω file measurement purple / white, green / red, brown / white, gray / red resistance between the four lines are 22Ω. Purple, green, brown, gray and gray between the four lines of resistance are 22Ω, purple and purple, green / red and green, white / brown and brown, gray / red and gray resistance between 16Ω.
    Check the black line (8) wiring is good, 4 and 13 and the ground between the voltage 12V.
    And then check the computer to the connection between the components of good contact, and finally with the two sets of tube detection of computer output signal.
    With the light-emitting diode group measured computer output to the solenoid valve control terminal, is Figure 6 8pin terminal. And then road test, this time we found that the light on the LED tube group does not always follow the road test changes in the brake, and the brake when the wheels are locked, do not feel the role of ABS system.