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The Method of Adjusting the Braking System of Modern
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Involving models: Beijing Hyundai Accent car.
    Content: After the replacement of the rear wheel brake friction plate and other related maintenance work, you need to adjust the friction plate gap and parking brake handle travel. The original maintenance manual does not specify the adjustment method, now supplementary explanation.
    1. brake friction plate gap adjustment
    Disc Brake: Make sure the parking brake handle is fully released, lift the vehicle with the lift, remove the rear wheel and remove the stopper on the brake disc. Use a font screwdriver to adjust the teeth until the brake disc can not be rotated, and then toggle 5 teeth in the opposite direction.
    Drum brake: start the engine, step on several times the brake pedal to make the brake automatically adjust the gap. The drum brake automatically adjusts the friction plate gap through the regulator and the adjustment lever.
    2. Parking brake handle stroke adjustment
    Lift the rear of the vehicle so that the rear wheels are in a floating state. Remove the parking brake handle trim. Use the parking brake handle to adjust the nut to adjust the stroke of the handle. Pull the brake handle firmly to the full lock, the ratchet should be issued 6 to 8 times "click" sound, or need to adjust. When the brake handle is fully released, the rear wheel should be free to rotate.
    Note: should first adjust the brake friction plate gap, and then adjust the brake handle stroke.
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