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Camry alarm alarm speaker automatically tweeted
Time£º2017-05-23 11:18:09 Source£ºUnknown The author£ºUnknown

A Toyota Camry sedan, due to traffic accidents and body repair and body paint, repair test found that the car anti-theft system activated tens of seconds later, the alarm alarm speaker automatically tweet phenomenon.
    Fault diagnosis analysis: inspection also found that the work of the door lights different from other types of vehicles. Under normal circumstances, close the door to close the remote control on the lock car keys, the door lights should be extinguished, but the car is locked after the door to tens of seconds after the door lights to extinguish, and at this time anti-theft alarm The speaker has begun to tweet. Check the car's anti-theft control circuit did not find the problem, replace the theft of the host still fault. Replace the left side of the dashboard under the multi-channel controller test, the problem can not be solved. After repeated testing finally found that the left rear door from the remote control. The side of the door liner removed inspection, and finally found the side door lock door control cable is not installed.
    The original door of the car is not only controlled by the door light control switch, when the multi-channel control unit to receive a door without a lock of information, it will let the lights in the door is still lit after the closure. When the anti-theft control unit receives the remote control issued by the lock door instructions, will make the door lock motor work, but when a door is not locked, the anti-theft control unit will receive a feedback signal, so that the anti- Alert the trumpet to remind the owner to pay attention.
    Troubleshooting method: Install the left rear door lock door control cable.